Students relieve stress with the help of mini horses

OXFORD, Ohio (Larry Davis) – At the Seven Oaks Farm in Hamilton, some of the miniature “therapy horses” are being groomed for a road trip.

They will be heading to Oxford to provide stress relief for students at Miami University.

“Red” is the tiniest of the minis. He is just 27 inches tall and weighs only 80 pounds.

“Dallas” and “Denver” are being transformed into unicorns for the day.

The minis are good at what they do, providing therapy for the elderly, children and even college students.

And just as Lisa Moad opens her horse trailer in Oxford, Denver and Dallas begin to draw a crowd.

The mini’s drew a crowd, students petted them, they posed for pictures and, of course, took selfies.

By the looks of all the smiles and laughter, there was no doubt the mini’s did their job in helping relieve stress from everyone they met on the first week of class.

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