Gift a Pony

Many people do not know that in addition to the no-cost retreat services Whispering Ponies Ranch provides Royal Family Kids Camps, Teen Reach, and select other special needs and rescue/rehabilitation charities, our staff of equine “whisperers” work with other restorative ministries and users nationwide to provide valuable miniature horses for equine therapy at no cost. Over the past few years we were proud to gift the following horses to qualified kids camps and other ministry-users.


THE BLUES BOYS, Salt & Pepper

This gentle set of siblings are full brothers and are trained to work individually or as a team. Salt & Pepper were gifted to Play Therapist Darren Dougherty in Texas for use in local Royal Family Kids Camps and his therapy work. Here is an update from Mr. Dougherty: “Hello Nita. Thanks for checking in with us. Yes, I will be using the horses in therapy with kids. I have a few new clients who are going to benefit greatly from Salt and Pepper. We will also have the boys at our Royal Family Kids Camp that takes place at our university. Each year we have 75-85 kids at camp. I founded the camp, but I am no longer the director. I handed it off to my assistant director a couple years ago. I now serve as the licensed counselor at camp, which will now include Salt and Pepper too. Next summer will be our daughter Christina’s first year to be eligible as a volunteer at our camp, where we first met her as a camper. It will be great to have her at camp for helping with Salt and Pepper too. I imagine that we will use the boys in a couple different ways, including cart riding. Regarding your other question about how many camps – for now, it is just our camp. We have been working with them, but we’ve not posted photos for some time. Please know that they are still doing well, and they are getting that fuzzy hair that you told us about.”

ONYX & GOLDIE gifted to Debbie Burke for Royal Family Kids Camp in Illinois

Here’s an update from Debbie: “We are in Oregon at the moment for the TRAC leadership conference. We are set to do two TRAC camps and RFKC [and] we are talking with other groups about sharing the horses…”